A Self Portrait Everyday for a Month

During the month of March, I made a self portrait everyday in my sketchbook. This came out to be 31 self portraits total. I will admit that there were a few days in between where I fell behind and, therefore, had to do more than one self portrait on another day. But for the most part, I stayed pretty on top of it. 

Doing a self portrait a day for a month is like having a problem and finding 31 different solutions to that problem. I never really felt stuck or tired of drawing myself. Instead, I was excited each day to figure out a new way to interpret the self portrait or try out a different style or technique. 

On the other hand, the thing I struggled with most was sometimes wanting to draw something else. Even though I enjoyed drawing myself, this project was such a big undertaking that I didn't always have time to draw things I desired. 

However, it was also a relief not having to think about what to draw. I got to have a lot of fun and try things that I probably wouldn't have if it weren't for this project. This project really pushed me to go out of my comfort zone. 

When making these self portraits I wasn't as focused on proportions. I didn't want to get bogged down in attempting to make each one perfect. Rather, I wanted it to be more about the overall style and approach to each piece. And even though I wasn't consciously trying to get accurate proportions, I would say that my proportions improved as a result of this project. 

If I were to change something about the way my self portraits came out, I would probably add a background to some or all of them. And I would make sure that each portrait is grounded on the bottom of the page because right now a lot of the portraits are floating in the middle. Another thing I think would be interesting is if I had more diversity in facial expressions. 

In the end, I feel very pleased with how these portraits came out. I love the variety that each portrait carries. I definitely could see myself continuing this same challenge sometime in the future because I still have more ideas of ways to draw myself. But for now I will be enjoying having the time and freedom to draw whatever I like. 

I now encourage you to take on your own month long challenge of drawing the same thing everyday. It can be self portraits, but it doesn't have to be. It can be whatever you'd like! 

Draw with Me | Sunglasses

I think my sunglasses look cool, so I decided to draw them! First I did a contour in pencil, then I went over that with pen, and then I added some watercolor. 

If you're wondering what's on the other page, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAZHw...

Art Supplies Used for this Sketch:

Moleskin sketch book: https://store.moleskine.com/usa/en-us...

Pen: http://sakuraofamerica.com/component/...

Watercolor: http://www.dickblick.com/products/tal...

Paint brush: https://www.amazon.com/Pentel-Aquash-...

Music compliments of Music for Makers: https://musicformakers.com